ALTER Retail 

2022, Xintiandi, Shanghai

When designing the retail space for ALTER, we opted for a monochromatic outcome, using the colour purple to create a seamless, energetic visual outcome. Curve structures were created to form a in-store installation, complimenting the custom visual merchandising displays which were created specially for this project. 

Located in the iconic shopping mall, in the centre of Shanghai at XINTIANDI. 

Spatial design
Installation Original design Production

China Darlings Exhibition

2023, Taikoohui, Shanghai

The China Darlings exhibition was a collaborative idea, launched together with media company Fashion Zoo, our aim for this showcase was to highlight young talent from China, from fashion designers, to installation artists, to furniture and object makers. Combining their talents with traditional chinese craftsmanships, whilst working with local artisans to create new and re-imagined works together with contemporary creatives. The exhibition highlighted the works of 30 artists from multiple mediums. The exhibition was curated and art directed by our founder, Bryant Lee, with the support of retail giant Taikoohui and Chagee. Along with pieces from SHANGXIA and Zhuchongyun.

Spatial design
Curation Original design Exhibition Production

VISIONAIRE Retrospective Exhibition

2023, E.SCAPE, Shanghai 

To celebrate the launch of VISIONAIRE’s China edition, the media platform launched a retrospective exhibition in 2023, the exhibition showcased 23 issues, out of the 69 publications. A commentary to the 2000s of the post digital age, VISIONAIRE was created pre-digital, and is still ever as iconic, remaining relevant to this day. The exhibition aims to connect with the new generation, on cultural communication, the exchange of information and ideas, etc. 

Curation Art direction Exhibition


2023, Kerry Centre, Shanghai

THEMARKETPLACE Pop Up, was a Shanghai Fashion Week initiative to create a creative hub that was accessible for the public to interact with. Set at the centre of Shanghai, the pop up included curated objects, clothing, apothecary, accessories for sale, along with public fashion shows and music events. BLOOP BLOOP designed custom furnitures and visual merchandising props, to curate and design the space for the two week pop up during Shanghai Fashion Weekend.

Spatial design
Curation Original design Retail Production