VISIONAIRE Retrospective Exhibition

2023, E.SCAPE, Shanghai

To celebrate the launch of VISIONAIRE’s China edition, the media platform launched a retrospective exhibition in 2023, the exhibition showcased 23 issues, out of the 69 publications. A commentary to the 2000s of the post digital age, VISIONAIRE was created pre-digital, and is still ever as iconic, remaining relevant to this day. The exhibition aims to connect with the new generation, on cultural communication, the exchange of information and ideas.

The exhibition was art directed and curated by our founder, Bryant Lee together with Derek of Modern Art Museum and Miss YY of E.Scape. Thank you to Cecilia Dean and the VISIONAIRE team for your trust and collaborative efforts on bringing this exhibition to life. 

Special Thanks to Fashion Zoo Media group Amy and Hanying.

Curation Art direction Exhibition

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