Five Cars

2023, Hug, Shenzhen

A collaborative grand opening was presented together with London / China based designer Samuel Gui Yang and multi-brand retailer HUG, for it’s latest Shenzhen store. BLOOP BLOOP created an installation combining contemporary elements with Samuel Gui Yang's short film "Five Cars” taking core inspiration from Hug’s signature blue. The short film explores the different perspectives of five unique individuals in their lives. We curated three different spaces within the shop to express our visual concept.

The installation extracts the red light from Samuel's film, which spreads across the faces of the passengers as the city falls into twilight. 4 recycled car doors are connected by steel tubes, visually deconstructing the car. Viewers can pace around or sit down and let the warm red light flood their eyes as if the car still exists.

为庆祝Hug 深圳店的盛大开业,Bloop Bloop 以 Hug 的蓝为颜色标准,将当代元素与 Samuel GuiYang的短片《五辆车》结合在一起设计了一个装置。短片探索了5个独特个体在生活中的不同视角。我们在店内策划了三个不同的空间,以表达我们的视觉概念。


Installation Production
Original design


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