UNI (Spiral)

2021, ALTER Shenzhen
The UNI series, started with our exploration of our original UNI installation that we created in 2021. We took inspiration from the natural elements of a sea urchin, by using a form of artificial floral material, that we customised to create the exterior shell of the UNI throughout our works to create a visual effect as life-like to the real UNI. For the first rendition of the UNI series, we created a spiral installation that measured 5m length, and 3m width, with a height of 4m. 

Since then we have created a series of chairs, tableware, 3-D digital Art, and our latest edition we have created a UNI Bench and UNI Bed. UNI series is a conceptual concept to reimagine modern collectible objects and furnitures. 

UNI 系列,始于我们对 BLOOP BLOOP 于 2021 年的原创装置 UNI 的探索。我们从自然界中的海胆获得灵感,专门定制了一种人造花卉材料用于制作 UNI 的外壳,以达到最真实的海胆效果。自此之后我们围绕 UNI 创作了一系列 椅子、餐具,3D 艺术作品,以及我们最新的作品UNI凳与UNI床。 UNI系列的概念是我们对艺术收藏品与家具再构想。

Installation Production
Original design


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